About Us

Yeshi dresses up everything!

What started as a conversation at home is now a favourite at farmers markets and grocery stores around BC and Alberta. Yeshi is a nutritional yeast based dressing that’s fit for gluten free and vegetarian diets. Slightly sweet and creamy, it has the subtle flavours of garlic blended with tangy and nutty undertones, you’ll find there’s a Yeshi flavour for every dish!

How did it all begin?

As a professional cook, Barbara has a natural palette for tasting subtle flavours and loves creating recipes that explore new combinations and twists on family favourites. With a pretty severe allergy to gluten, I was getting sick of the same old limited choices for dressings and dips, so Barbara decided to start experimenting with gluten-free recipes for me.

The dressing she created was so tasty that I would bring it with me to restaurants and dinner parties, and of course, because it was so good it would get attention everywhere we went! Finally, when our kids left home and we had much more time on our hands, we started to think about creating a business around the tasty dressing that everyone seemed to love.

With an entrepreneurial spirit, I’ve had a few businesses over the years, but always wanted something Barbara and I could do together. Although she has said ‘no’ to most of my ideas in the past, this one she really seemed to like!

Building something wonderful

After that, we were off to the races, we were both so excited to have something to do besides sit in front of the TV. We started testing different recipe versions and getting our friends to be our testers. 

Our friends loved them, our co-workers loved them, so we started taking Yeshi to our local Farmer’s Markets. The response was overwhelming. I can’t tell you how many times people have told us they put the dressing on everything! So then we have ventured into retail!

Our friends and community have been so supportive and are so excited for us. We feel inspired and blessed every time someone comes up to us and tells us they love our dressings and what new dish they have tried it with.

We hope people will have fun, and find their own ways to use Yeshi and most of all enjoy eating it as much as we have building our business.

try it on everything

Paul and Barbara Kleinschmidt
Yeshi Dressing

Portrait of the owners

The Yeshi Brand

Community and family are very important to us at Yeshi. We currently make and distribute Yeshi from a small community on Vancouver Island, Canada. Most of our staff started as customers who love our products and wanted to be part of the Yeshi community. Our brand is inclusive, conscious of allergies, the environment, and our community.

It’s important to us to be part of the greater good.


Create a healthy gluten-free community where everyone can belong and thrive.


We are committed to delivering quality gluten-free products to our community through our loyal and devoted team.


Loyalty, Trust, Respect, Commitment, Flexibility